Pound against the pavement.

Only a ten minute wait to see the doctor.


After the ninth ring she hangs up. June has tried calling Kat twice now, and it’s not like she’ll be riveted by it, but anything domestic and she’s all ears, bless her.

She hunches against the breeze, she puts chilled hands into her pockets, her fingers make contact with a pound coin, she sees him sitting on the ground against the wall of Russell Square Station, her fingers clutch the coin, she drops it in front of him.

It bounces on the pavement.

No hat, no receptacle, just the ting of dropped money on the pavement.

Sudden confusion.

Is he homeless? But nothing to catch coins?

“That’s very kind,” he says.

She’s stopped and looks at him in her confusion.

He smiles and somehow suddenly she’s comforted.

“I hope life gets better for you.”

“Thank you,” she says, feeling strangely reassured.

He smiles still.


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