He’s charming.

“When?” asks Kat, very, very surprised.

She switches hands and balances the phone on the other shoulder while she stirs.

“Three days? Three days?? June, who is he?”

She stirs hard without thinking.

“Well what the hell made you invite this ‘Adam’ [vigorous stirring] to come and stay with you?”

“Oh come off it, that isn’t the sort of thing that ‘just happens.’ Not to normal people, anyway.”

“Is he there now?”

She’s over-stirred, and slaps the wet spoon onto the side, irritated.

“Well go somewhere private, then.”

She hears a door click shut on the other end of the line.

“Where are you? OK, good. Listen June, are you sure about this?”

“Yes I know I’m reacting, but letting a stranger stay with you and not even being able to say how long for…”

“No, but… Well where did you meet him then?”

“Found him? What do you mean ‘found him’? Where?

“Russell Square Station? But how did…?”

“You’re joking! He’s homeless?”

“No, calm down, all I’m saying is this is really unlike you.”

“Charming? Well obviously! I tell you what, I’m coming round right now. No right now!”


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