Fire, brimstone and kale panini.

“Fantastically,” says Stephanie, as Anders refills her glass. “It’s just going… fantastically.”

This is the first party she’s been to in months.

She knew starting a patisserie would be tough, she entered with eyes wide open.

“Oh I wish I had the guts to do it,” said friends. “Ditching the rat race and just making it happen.”

“Well it’ll be hard work,” she told them.

“Apparently the first six months are hell,” she said.

She was wrong.

It’s been a year.

Fire, brimstone and kale panini.

And croissants.

And flour.

She needs to double check the order as soon as she gets back.

She looks at her watch.

“Must be nice to have an evening off for once,” says Anders.

“Yes, lovely!”

Tomorrow’s delivery hasn’t been confirmed. And the temperature checks. She definitely logged them.

Didn’t she?

Anders is only there in the literal sense. His chatter, his hair, his clothes, his laugh are all actually kale panini.

“Why aren’t they selling better?” she asks herself, anxiously.


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