Pulling off his jumper

“Do you actually own this? You’re not bullshitting me?”

He hears his tone and checks it.

He knew Adam was minted the moment he set eyes on him, so it really shouldn’t surprise him that much.

And Christian hates to sound surprised.

But Adam doesn’t own it.

He says so, and now Christian is disappointed.

“Should’ve known,” he says, smiling, shrugging.

“I don’t think anyone actually owns flats in Covent Garden. Not ‘real’ people, anyway.”

But someone ‘real’ does own it, explains Adam. His partner.

“Partner?” asks Christian, nonchalantly.

He could’ve guessed.

Did, in fact.

Not that it matters. Seemingly not to Adam, anyhow.

“How long have you been together?” asks Christian, pulling off his jumper.

Only three weeks, is the answer.

“Wow, quick to move in together. Where did you meet?” He’s unbuttoning his shirt.

And suddenly his attention is arrested.

“When you were living rough?” he repeats. “You mean actually living on the street? Three weeks ago?”

And now things are interesting, and surprise is all over his face.


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